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Are you overwhelmed by the number of financial decisions you must make, frustrated that they didn’t teach you more about personal finances in school, or simply feel financially stuck?

Here's step-by-step blueprint to living your fullest life through financial planning.

This Book will help you...

Increase Cash Flow / Decrease Expenses

Learn how to implement dynamic strategies that significantly increase your cash flow and decrease unnecessary expenditures.

Build a Financial Fortress Around Your Money

Discover the secrets of creating a robust financial defense system, protecting your wealth from unforeseen adversities.

Accelerate Your Wealth-Building Trajectory

Get a list of power-packed avenues to accelerate your wealth accumulation and set you on a path to financial freedom.

Eliminate Toxic Debt / Leverage OPM

Uncover the secrets to getting rid of bad debt and leveraging Other People's Money (OPM) effectively to multiply your wealth.

Most Importantly Though,

This Book is Designed to Help You 

Execute Your Plan, Hit Your Goals, and Live Life
to the Fullest

Every single day people work hard for their money, yet have no idea how to get their money working hard for them!

In their journey to learn how to better manage their money, people often search online to find that the information age quickly turned into the over-information age that sometimes looks like the misinformation age.

Feeling overwhelmed, they seek advice from their relatives and loved ones who don’t know their situation or much about financial planning themselves.

Once they realize that their family doesn’t know much more than they do, they turn to a financial advisor who is very knowledgeable but requires them to have $1 million to invest before they will meet.

Frustrated, they almost give up until one day they stumble upon this book.

Your journey to finding financial help ends here, but your journey toward financial freedom is just beginning.

Don’t hesitate; Now is Your Time!

Hi, I’m Alan,

a financial planner with a passion for helping people live their fullest lives through sound financial management.

After graduating Cum Laude from Mercer University with dual degrees in Economics and Entrepreneurial Management, I was deeply impacted by the 2008 financial crisis. It motivated me to enter the financial planning industry in 2010 with Northwestern Mutual, earn my CFP designation, and eventually founded my own firm, The Mill Financial Partners, in 2018.

My wife Allison, our two rescue dogs Beaux and Mali, and I live in Atlanta, GA, where we love giving people the tools to protect their wealth, increase their income, and enjoy the life they've worked hard to build.

In my book "EmPowered Money," I share the principles and strategies I've used to help clients build a financially secure and fulfilling life. I can't wait to share these insights with you. Let's embark on this journey towards financial empowerment together!

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